Since Airbnbs were first introduced into our country, they have become quite popular due to the fact that they offer a homely feel to travelers something which traditional hotels are not able to do. They also come at different price points meaning that you can always find something that suits your wallet.

Here are some great Airbnbs that cost less than Ksh 10,000.

1. The Container Cottage, Karen

Located near The Hub, this cozy little cottage offers visitors a feel of what it’s like to live in a
tiny home, It’s beautifully furnished with a white interior and a few luxurious amenities such as a bathtub and an indoor toilet. It also has an inviting veranda where you can have your meals. This tiny home is perfect for two and costs Ksh 5,000 per night.

2. Raven’s Nest, Ongata Rongai

Rongai is full of fun activities thanks to the Nairobi National Park and other tourist attractions in the area. Therefore, there are several accommodation options including this one-bedroom
cottage. Raven’s Nest is a charming Airbnb that’s great for small families, solo travelers or
couples who want to escape the noise of the city. A night’s stay costs Ksh 4,500 per guest.

3. Tsavo House, Voi

This stunning house offers its guests a home away from home at the famous Tsavo National
Park. It has 4 all-ensuite bedrooms which are more than enough for couples, families and groups of friends. Additionally, it has spectacular views of the Taita Hills and is only a 15-minutes’ drive away from the national park. The price of this Airbnb is Ksh 4,500 per night per guest.

4. The Brandy Bus, Karen

When they say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, they meant every word of it. The
Brandy Bus is encamped by an old-school British bus which were a common sight in the 90s.
While most of them rusted into oblivion, The Brandy Bus transformed one of them into a 2-bed Airbnb. A night will cost you Ksh 10,000 per guest.

5. The Folly, Naivasha

This interesting, lighthouse-like structure is built within the Lake Naivasha’s game sanctuary. It
offers breathtaking views of animals grazing and hippos swimming in the lake. You can enjoy a
relaxing stay at this Airbnb for Ksh 8,000 per night per guest. However, this accommodation is
only available for up to two people at a time.

6. Tayara, Karen

Modern yet cozy, Tayara is ideal if you want a different work environment or an affordable stay
in the city. It’s attracting both on the outside and inside providing a welcoming stay for its
guests. Additionally, you can visit the various tourist attraction close to this Airbnb such as
Kazuri Beads. It costs Ksh 5,000 per night per guest and can hos up to 2 guests.

7. Shepherd’s Hut, Nanyuki

Shepherd’s Hut looks like something out of an old Western movie. From afar, you might even
dismiss it as shed. However, there’s more that meets the eye with this Airbnb which comes with a large pool and outdoor sitting. It’s surrounded by a beautiful flower garden and inside,
everything is classy and well-maintained. A night here will cost you Ksh 8,000 per guest of up to 3 guests.

8. Lucita Farm Stable Suite, Naivasha

This lovely farmhouse is the perfect place to stay for a quick getaway from the city. It’s relaxing
with amazing views of Lake Naivasha. Additionally, you have access to the tennis court and
swimming pool that are within the property. The suite can host 2 people at a time and it cost Ksh 8,000 per night per guest.

9. Villa Kalista, Kwale

This well-furnished Airbnb sits right next to the beach giving guests a spectacular view of the
ocean and the white sandy beaches of Kwale from their rooms. Each villa has three bedrooms
with a master-ensuite that has a Jacuzzi. Whether you’re traveling solo or as a group, you can be assured of a relaxing and enjoyable vacation here. A night’s stay costs Ksh 6,000 per guest.

10. Mucii, Kajiado

Mucii, which means home in Kikuyu, offers a serene accommodation with a homey feel. The
open plan cottage allows guests to interact freely while lounging on the beach-style couches.
There’s also a large compound where you can take a walk and children can play. The villa has 2
bedrooms and 4 beds which allows up to 6 guests. It costs Ksh 3,000 per night per guest.

If you know any other awesome Airbnb, give us a shout and we will add it to our list.