The demand for home gym equipment has grown as fitness becomes a fundamental part of our lives. Also, with the ongoing pandemic, most people cannot access their gyms and have had to find alternatives to keep fit. Despite this demand, gym equipment remains to be one of the most expensive purchases especially if you’re buying from sports shops.  This makes it almost impossible for the ordinary man to afford them at these places. Luckily, there are alternatives where you can find gym equipment at a lower cost.

Here are some of these places;

1. Auctions

Let me start with a disclaimer that cheap is relative. Here, we don’t mean that a gym equipment that would normally cost Ksh 20,000 now costs Ksh 500. You’ll still have to cough up a few thousands but it’s nothing compared to the prices at most sports shops. Auctions are some of the best places to go hunting for gym equipment. Some of them sell household items belonging to expatriates who value their home gyms. Since they’re looking to get rid of these items, most auctions will have reasonably priced gym equipment. If you’re interested in buying gym equipment, check out Antique Auctions, The Auction Center, and Jambo Auctions.

2. Second Hand Market

They say if you take a walk around Nairobi, you might just find exactly what you’re looking for. We’re lucky to live in a city with several second hand markets. From Gikomba to Toi market, you can get almost anything here, including gym equipment, for cheap prices. However, Gikomba market is more known for having good quality gym equipment. You can get both small and big equipment such as dumbbells, elliptical, rollers, curling benches and many more at this market and it won’t cost you and arm and a leg. It will cost you some time though since you have to walk through the streets of Gikomba market to get the good stuff. You can also get gym equipment from the shops that sell ex-UK stuff.

3. Hawkers

It’s a huge gamble purchasing things from hawkers since they may end up being faulty or low quality. However, in some cases, hawker sell genuine things at very affordable prices. Something as simple as a skipping rope or yoga mat could cost thousands of shillings at sports shops when you can get one from traffic jam hawkers at half the price. If you’re planning on buying gym equipment from hawkers, you need to be vigilant to ensure they’re in good condition.

4. Online Market

Online markets like Jumia, Jiji, Ali Express and, Amazon are good places to look if you want new gym equipment at a cheaper price. Additionally, you can get used items at an even cheaper price. Online shopping has really peaked over the last decade and so has its reliability. Nowadays, you can order anything to your doorstep and they’ll arrive in one piece. If damaged, these online shopping platforms have reasonable return policies. For international shipping, especially from the US, there are shipping companies in Kenya that handle the entire process at reasonable rates.

5. Facebook Groups

As online shopping becomes popular, businesses have taken to social media to market and sell their products. This is not only convenient for both the vendors and buyers but also it makes certain businesses, such as gym equipment, more visible. By simply typing key words on the search bar, you can discover the many pages selling the items that you’re looking for. Some of the popular Facebook groups in Kenya selling gym equipment include Gym Equipment In Kenya, Inda Gym & Fitness Suppliers Kenya and Iron Made Gym Equipment.