Tusker Malt has unveiled a new look bottle as it marks its 23rd anniversary since it was launched in the Kenyan market.

According to Kenya Breweries Ltd, new bottle demonstrates both external and internal signs of superior quality as the beer is more refined following an optimized production process.

In addition, the iconic 330ml green bottle will now be embossed with the name Tusker into all four sides rather than the current paper label. It will be available at the recommended retail price of Ksh. 160.

According to the 2019 company’s Annual General Report, KBL witnessed a strong performance in bottled beer returning a 3% volume growth. This contributed to the company’s net revenue for the year ending June 2019 by 12% to KES 82.2 billion

With this re-launch, Tusker Malt Lager is expected to deliver growth in 2020 as it remains on top in the premium beer category at a time when competition from local and foreign brands has intensified in the premium and super premium segments.

The new Tusker Malt pack will be the second innovation addition to the Tusker Trademark this year after the launch of Tusker Premium Ale in March. This brings the total variants of Tusker to 5, namely Tusker Malt, Tusker Lager, Tusker Cider and Tusker Lite. The brand is addressing consumer trends in the alcohol sector by targeting Kenya’s fast-expanding middle class revelers whose tastes are trending toward premium beer.

Jane Karuku, Kenya Breweries Limited Managing Director, had this to say, ““Through our qualified production and quality management team, we have been able to re-launch Tusker Malt Lager by responding to our consumers’ concerns on product consistency and packaging. Our promise today is that we will ensure consistency in quality for every sip of Tusker Malt served to each and every consumer anywhere in Kenya.”