Google Chrome to start labeling slow websites


Once in a while we encounter websites that take long to load, at such a point one is not usually sure what the cause, that is whether it is a network issue or just a slow website.

Now the Chrome browser has a solution for you, they have announced that they plan to identify and label websites that are slow to load by using a badge. They are planning to also identify sites that are likely to be slow based on a user’s device and current network conditions as well at a later date.

Chrome’s ultimate goal is to help identify and badge websites offering “high-quality” experiences, which may include other factors beyond just the website’s speed.

For a slow loading page, the notification might indicate a warning, like a caution icon and text that reads “usually loads slow.” Meanwhile, a fast website may display a green progress indicator bar at the top of the page instead of a blue one. As for links, Chrome may use the context menu to help users know if the site will be slow so you can decide whether or not you want to click.

So as to be able to improve on a user’s experience, Google suggests that web developers visit its resources focused on site performance, including its learning platform; online tool for optimization suggestions, PageSpeed Insights; and personalized advice tool, Lighthouse.

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