Safaricom has updated their MySafaricom app which now allows you to input the PIN within the app. The new update was launched on 14th June and is currently available on Android and the company has announced that it will come to iOS soon.

Previously, you would have to be redirected outside the app to input the PIN when sending money or checking your M-Pesa balance. This also means that you can be able to use the app without a SIM card on your phone. The new update also allows you to add automatically add withdrawal charges to the amount you are sending to someone.

Additionally, after the transaction has completed the app now offers customers the opportunity to reverse the transaction if it is an erroneous one. It also shows the M-Pesa balance.

The Safaricom app is available on Android and iOS for both prepaid and postpaid customers. The Safaricom app was launched in 2016. Through the MySafaricom app, customers are able to:

1. Send money

It allows customers to send money. You can select your contacts directly from your phone book, and use Hakikisha to confirm you are sending to the right person.

2. Lipa na M-Pesa

You can use the app to pay for goods and services using either the PayBill or Buy Goods feature.

3. Buy airtime

You can be able to buy airtime for yourself or for someone else by selecting their number from your phone book.

4. PUK

You can be able to access your PUK and use it in case your SIM is blocked in future.

5. M-PESA statement

You can be able to access your M-PESA statement up-to one year. You can also get a mini statement.

6. Buy data bundles

You can be able to buy data bundles for yourself and others via the app.

7. M-Pesa transactions

You are able to check transaction charges for the amount you want to send beforehand.

8. Balances

Through the account function, you are able to see the balances of the various services that you are subscribed to.

9. Loans

You can be able to access loans i.e. M-Shwari and KCB M-Pesa on the app.

10. Other services

Other services that you can be able to access on the app include Bonga, Skiza, Sambaza, Customer care and roaming.