Baadaye a self-service online obituary platform launched in Kenya


For the longest time, in the event of the death of a loved one, we have had to do with obituaries which are listed in the newspapers to let others know of the unfortunate occurrence. Vernacular radio has also helped with their “matangazo ya kifo” section.

Technological advancement on the other hand has seen the rise in the use of social media to inform friends and relatives in the event of the death of a loved and even to plan the funeral. In this case, Whatsapp groups have become a life saver in that they have helped ease communication in such situations. In the past, one would have had to make a lot of calls people in order to pass on the message.

However, in as much as these modes of communication help pass on the message. The information contained therein cannot be stored for the sake of future generations. That is unless you make a point of filling newspaper cutting for reference which can be a tedious affair.

This is where the online self-service obituary, Baadaye comes into play. It was basically built on the realization that one day, we will all bid farewell to this world. When this happens, we would like our loved ones to put up our obituaries on a platform that would ensure that future generations would be able to easily trace their roots and learn more about those who came before them. Also, the convenience offered by the platform is a life saver in such situations.

Other benefits of using the Baadaye platform over the traditional methods include; the ability to preserve memories of your loved one forever on the online space, easy mode of loading obituaries, it enables one to view and add condolences, planning funeral meeting and events, one can easily share the obituaries on social media hence being able to reach a larger audience, intuitive and easy to use platform and it also enables one to buy the funeral necessities at the comfort of your home.

So, should you find yourself in need of such services, head over to Baadaye and sign up for free.

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