Sitting for KCPE exams is usually a high point for your children and a proud moment for your as a parent. However, the transition to High School may be out of your reach financially.

Lucky for you there are programs that support children of parents who can’t afford to take their children to High School.

Find a few High School scholarships that you can apply for below.

1. Wings to Fly Scholarship Program

The Wings to Fly Scholarship Program is run by Equity Bank. The program gives 2,000 scholarships for needy students. The scholarship caters for school fees, transport, pocket money, shopping, books and uniform for the four years of secondary school education

To qualify for the scholarships, one must have scored 350 marks in KCPE.

Please find the application form here and more details here.

2. KCB foundation high school scholarships

KCB Foundation scholarship programme offers successful students full scholarship for four years of secondary education in public schools.

Out of the 240 slots, 40 have been reserved for students with physical, visual and hearing disabilities, in a development that further deepens the Foundation’s investment in social programmes like education and mentorship.

To apply, collect and complete the form from any KCB Branch. The form must be completed in full and all relevant supporting documentation should be attached. For more info, go here.

3. Co-operative Bank Foundation Scholarships

Co-operative Bank Foundation offers scholarships and beneficiaries enjoy full 4-year secondary education scholarship.

For more information, go here.

4. KEF High School Scholarships

KEF offer scholarships to Kenyan students in Standard 8, Form 1 or Form 2. They must have scored 320 or above in KCPE. To apply, get a form from the KEF Nairobi office at Central Church of The Nazarene compound, next to Coptic Hospital, Ngong Rd. More info here.

5. Elimu Fund Scholarships

Elimu Fund provides scholarships that cover tuition, dormitory room and board and other associated costs, such as books, uniforms, and travel. They also offer a monthly stipend.

To apply, go here.

6. Rehema Education Fund

The Rehema Education Fund provides scholarships to Kenyan students in Form 1 or Form 2 who scored 350 and above in KCPE.

To apply, go here.

7. Family Bank Scholarships

The scholarship supports children that have scored 350 marks and above in KCPE after having sat for their exams in 2018.

To apply, complete a form available at all Family Bank branches. More details here.

8. Jomo Kenyatta Foundation Scholarships

This fund was set up by The Jomo Kenyatta Foundation and has supported over 10,000 Kenyan students.

Find out more here.

9. ISK high school scholarship

This scholarship offers 2 Kenyan students a chance to pursue their high school education at ISK. The scholarship covers 100% of all tuition, and full waiver of admission, bus and capital levy fees.

To apply, go here.

10. The Beacon Scholarship for Schools

This scholarship will help a student study at Hillcrest as a Beacon Scholar. Tuition fees are split three ways: 1/3 Hillcrest; 1/3 Beacon and 1/3 Student’s Parents.

Students must be Kenyans and must be aged 13-18 years.

To apply, go here.

11. M-Pesa Foundation Academy

The M-Pesa Foundation Academy is a co-educational and residential 8-4-4 secondary school facility that has been operational since February 2016. The full tuition is paid for successful applicants.

To apply, go here.