uberBODA launched to tap into growing Boda Boda market


Uber has ventured into the motorcycle taxi (Boda Boda) market with the launch of uberBODA. Customers can get an uberBODA using the normal Uber app.

To qualify as a Boda Boda driver, you will be required to have followed all National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) driver requirements. They will also get additional road safety training. Drivers will also receive a reflective jacket as well as a helmet for both the passenger and driver. In addition, as of the 21 December 2018, passengers and drivers will benefit from Injury Protection provided by UAP-Old Mutual.

To request a ride with uberBODA, passengers need to open the Uber app and select uberBODA. uberBODA has a base fare of Ksh. 55, minimum fare of Ksh. 60 and Ksh. 14 per KM. Passengers can access uberBODA in all neighbourhoods of Nairobi except the CBD.

Boda Bodas are a popular mode of transportation in Kenya especially when there is traffic. Other players in the Boda Boda taxi market in Kenya include Taxify Boda, and SafeBoda.

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