Why is Proper Teacher-Parent Communication Important?

At the heart of a healthy partnership between parents and teachers lies effective communication because it is one of the key pillars of all human relationships. When communicating, it is not just words of information that get transferred between involved parties, no. It also transfers commitment and attitudes. For instance, if a parent communicates frequently with his child’s teachers wanting to know how they are doing, it shows commitment and care. But why is it beneficial to parent-teacher relationships? The remaining sections of this post will share out the benefits of this critical component of parent-teacher cooperation.

1. Deeper Connections to the School

For teachers, nothing is more important than having parents who feel connected to their children’s school. When you establish effective communications with your children’s parent’s, it is easy to get them on board and foster a proper sense of belong.

2. Enhanced Partnership

Your child’s journey through school is neither the parent’s nor teacher’s responsibility. Instead, it is the duty of both parties to ensure that kids go through school successfully. When you involve and inform parents about what is going on with their child at school, it is easy to get them on board not just as school fees payees, but also, as mutual partners with the school. With such an enhanced mutual partnership in place, it becomes easy to create a common pathway that works towards the child’s ultimate benefit.

3. Enhanced Trust

At resume cheap, we believe that nothing beneficial takes place in an atmosphere of distrust. So, trust is essential in fostering a healthy relationship between parents and teachers. But how do you foster trust between these two parties? One of the best ways of doing so is by improving communication because where there is genuine and open communication, things happen transparently. With transparency in place, it is easy to know what the other party intends, and hence, foster mutual trust. Remember, any relationship that lacks trust will rust in distrust.

4. Better Student Performance

What is the goal of all effective parent-teacher relationships? The best performance of the child! When these two parties establish open and quality communications, they set a platform for the child’s success. When parents are informed about what their children do in school, it becomes easy to take timely measures. For instance, if the teacher informs a parent that the child is weak in a certain subject, it is easy for them to take necessary remedial actions. However, without communication, it is impossible to respond to a problem they don’t know.

5. Possible Volunteering

Do you want to have parents who are not bosses? Then it is needful to keep the doors of communication open. This applies more to private schools which view parents as customers or indirect bosses. To get them to volunteer in what your school is doing, it is necessary you communicate to them.

6. Enhanced Contribution

An organization that runs without the contribution and feedback of its stakeholders is most likely to fail. The reason is that it will miss all the opportunities of benefitting from the valuable ideas that these people could have raised. As for schools, parents are senior stakeholders because without them, the schools cannot have students, and hence, they have no reason to exist. When you open communication links with your students’ parents, it becomes easy to get their feedback on various issues regarding the school and learners. This way, the school can improve its operations, learn from mistakes, serve students better, and avoid costly blunders.

7. Enhanced Sense of Interdependence  

Lastly, keeping the doors of communication open will help you to create a sense of interdependence between parents and teachers. When things are kept to one player, it sends a signal that one party can do it alone. But when teachers communicate to parents asking them to do this or that, it becomes apparent that the school cannot shoulder the success of your child alone. Therefore, parents get a deeper understanding that the school needs them beyond paying school fees.

Communication is a critical component of proper parent-teacher relations. Also, it has many benefits. We hope the ones we have discussed in this post will enlighten your eyes to do your best and play your role in fostering it.