At first listen, you might find the song sounds like a re-arrangement of the melody on Cassper Nyovest’s Tito Mobweni, but when you strip away the vocals, you find the instrumentals are composed of a potent synth clap, flute music and hi-hats. It also isn’t heavy on the 808 bass and stutters so you have you a different take on your typical tap beat. Different, but not new.

Then I moved on to the vocals and this is where things got interesting. With trap you expect mumble rap, at least almost 90% of the time. After all, it is very characteristic of the genre. What I heard instead was not your everyday ‘trap rap’ if I can call it that. Both Oksyde and Khaligraph go hard on their verse, with clear diction and great rhymes. Oksyde’s rap on his verse has elements that mimic Nyovest’s Tito Mobweni.  Khaligraph sticks to his signature style of quick rap and staccato.

Most of the shots in the video took place in an underground parking lot sometimes cutting to Oksyde on a bridge outdoors and a lady dancing on a chain link fence or leaning against a car. The visuals are good. It’s a clear video and well directed so props to Misee Atura.

When you put the entire project together, the beat, the rap and the video, then you have a song that will definitely have your head bobbing.