“I’ve been single for too long, never get it right, never stay too long”. Those are the lyrics that drew me into the song and it was worth my time because ‘Trouble’ is relatable as fuck!. First off, the theme. Trouble is about two people who are obviously bad for each other because well, emotional unavailability, fear of commitment, unrequited love and everything in between (insert preferred ingredient here) for that toxic hot and cold relationship that despite our better judgement, have an affinity for.

Martin Kimathi and Esther Wangoi, the stars of the video have such amazing chemistry and they were an absolute delight to watch. I was completely lost in this song. Martin looks like the type of guy, if I could borrow Fena’s words, ‘kuwa shida tu’. The protagonist in the song whom I assume has a female persona is no angel either from what I gathered in the second verse. She too is battling her own emotional demons that make her ‘Trouble’

The beat starts off with a tropical vibe, making me imagine sandy beaches and palm trees. It then transitions to EDM (Electronic Dance Music) when the beat drops in the chorus. It’s been interesting to watch Fena’s growth curve. I got onto her music in the days of ‘Brikicho’ and I was in love with how creative it was to use a singing game into the chorus. If you’ve been following her trajectory, you’ll realize that no sound of hers is the same. There is a theme of course, her songs are upbeat and meant to get you on her feet, but production quality, it’s a new experience every time.

The song was produced by iLogosMusic and directed by Briizy DJ. The Infinix mobile product placement could’ve been a little less obvious. It felt very ‘in your face’ in the video.

This song is a hit and will resonate with me for a while.