All it takes is a split second to determine whether or not someone survives in a medical emergency. In that time frame, having to sift through several numbers to find an ambulance close to you to offer medical help can be the difference between life and death.

Saving you time in order to save a life is the premise behind Rescue by Flare, a platform that consolidates ambulance service providers into one network. In a time of crisis, one simply needs to call the medical dispatchers at Rescue, who will match you with an emergency response service provider based on your location. Beyond just matching you with an ambulance, Rescue also gives you real time traffic estimates to provide you with the fastest route to take to a hospital.

To use the Rescue service, one needs to sign up and pay a membership fee of Ksh. 2,100 annually for individual membership, while household membership starts from Ksh. 2,000 annually. There are also packages for corporate and group members.

For information, check out the rescue website.