Opposition coalition in Kenya left negotiations on how a restart the August canceled presidential election will be managed.

The opposition declared it would undoubtedly organize numerous street protests, setting back all arrangements for the October 26 vote.

The opposition leaders immediately quitted the negotiations because the ruling Jubilee Party intended to take away powers from James Orengo, a senator for the opposition National Super Alliance and the Independent Electoral & Boundaries Commission head.

The projected changes to the law enabled commissioners to hire a new chairperson and reduce the quantity of members needed for making a quorum, according to the bill copy provided by government spokesman`s office.

Raila Orengo declared that such a law was going to make a lame-duck commission. He added that under such circumstances the opposition had to quit such negotiations.

As we have already informed the current president Kenyatta was declared the frontrunner of August vote with 54%. Odinga, however, complained of significant irregularities. Therefore, the Supreme Court stated the first poll annulled. Such a decision was made for the first time in the history of Africa.

According to Chief Justice, 8 August election was not conducted in harmony with the constitution. He added that numerous members of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission had committed illegalities and irregularities in the results transmission.

Earlier the opposition demanded the electoral body be re-elected. Moreover, Odinga officially asked to use new systems for the new vote. However, the Jubilee Party immediately rejected all his proposals.

On October 2, Odinga called everyone to participate in mass peaceful protests. They will continue until the opposition`s demands are met. “I call upon this generation to oppose. They must arise and resist an effort to take them back to single-party despotism,” the opposition leader called on TV. The upcoming election will take place on October 26. 2017.