The Kenyan ePassport was announced in 2016 and was initially meant to be launched in December 2016 but the launch date was first moved to April 2017 and later September 2017. It is an East African initiative and ePassports will also be rolled out to the other EA countries simultaneously.

D-Day is almost here and the Kenyan immigration department has announced more details of the Kenyan ePassport which I have compiled below.

1. Features of the Kenyan ePassport

  • Electronic chip holding the same information as the old model passport
  • Biometric identifier
  • Digital photograph of the passport holder
  • Security features to prevent unauthorized use and forgery.
  • Details of the ePassport will be registered with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

2. Availability

The new ePassport will be available for application from 1st September 2017.

3. Application

Kenyans will have to apply for the new passport on the eCitizen platform. Thereafter they will be required to visit an immigration office in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu for collection of fingerprints, digital photo and signature and also to drop required documents.

Those in the diaspora can apply for the new passport through Kenyan embassies and consulates near them.

Here is how to apply for a passport on eCitizen

How to apply for a Kenyan passport on eCitizen

4. Requirements

  • Applicants MUST appear in person for digital photo capture.
  • An eCitizen pre-filled passport application form and three invoices.
  • Original birth certificate and photocopy.
  • Original National ID Card & copy.
  • Three Current passport size photos.
  • Recommenders ID Card copy.
  • Old passport for replacement plus copies of last three pages.
  • Parents National ID cards copies or Death Certificate if deceased.
  • For lost passports a Sworn affidavit and a police abstract are required
  • For lost and mutilated passports an explanation letter is required to explain the circumstances of the loss or mutilation

5. Cost of the ePassport

The ePassport will cost the same as the current passport

    • A series (32 pages) – Ksh. 4,550
    • B series (48 pages) – Ksh. 6,050
    • C series (64 pages) – Ksh. 7,550
    • Diplomatic – Ksh. 7,550
    • Mutilated Passport – Ksh. 10,050
    • Lost Passport Ksh. 12,050

6. Availability

The ePassport will be available for collection 15 working days after successful application.

7. Visas in old passport

Valid visas in the old passport will remain valid even after acquistion of the new passport.

8. Old passport

The old passport will cease to be used as a travel document for Kenyans from 31st August 2019. Those with the old passports will be required to apply for a new one.