Earlier in the week, Tuskys the retail supermarket chain and Jumia the e-commerce platform announced a partnership which would see online shoppers being able to buy products from the supermarkets 55 stores. According to the deal, Tuskys will enlist some its products which include furniture, electronic appliances, baby care products among others.

This has to be the first time a major retail chain is venturing into e-commerce and in my opinion this has the potential of disrupting the blossoming sector. In the future I see more and more supermarkets adopting e-commerce and here are a few reasons why;


With technology comes convenience. In this digital age most consumers are attracted to solutions that provide the most convenience. In my case I am one of those people who are averse to going shopping and usually dread the monthly trip to the supermarket to replenish stocks. However, with ecommerce one can just log in to internet check out what the supermarket is offering, place your order and everything is brought to you at home or the office.


Nowadays we live very busy lives and most often than not we usually shop on our way home from work. This takes away precious time that we could be spending with our family or even relaxing. With the advent of e-commerce one can do all this at the touch of a button.

Adequate information

Most of the time as consumers we don’t have adequate information about the products that we pick in supermarkets. However, for a consumer shopping online, one is able to search for product information, compare prices and benefits and finally evaluate the value of the product before making the purchase. Also one can check out the reviews of other clients on the product before making the purchase decision.

Attract new customers

The supermarket sector is slowly getting crowded though the big retail chains still retain a good market share. As players including foreign brands get into this market, competition is bound to get tough. Therefore it is only the players who have a differentiated product will be able to survive. With the use of e-commerce supermarkets can be able to acquire new customers who would otherwise not have used their services.

Online presence

As more and more Kenyans get onto the internet the expectation is that businesses will move onto the online space where their customers are to be found. Those who will be left behind will find that they will have lost out on a sizable market segment.

Better understanding of customers

E-commerce helps you better understand your customers by giving data on their buying habits. This helps you answer questions like, What products are they most interested in? What are they likely to buy? What motivates them? This kind of information can help you to sell more efficiently and effectively to these customers.