Growing up, I always thought of beer as something that belongs nowhere near me. I was willing to try wines, ciders and even stronger spirits but beer to me was a bitter drink meant only for men. Then as my alcohol palette expanded with time, I tried out beer and was surprised that I actually got to love a cold one and that there is really nothing specifically manly about it.

In my quest to discover drinks from different parts of the world, I recently landed on Mauritian beer, Phoenix Lemon Fresh Beer. Phoenix is a light smooth beer with an alcohol content of 3.5% which I find perfect for chill out drinking alone or with friends. It is crisp and slightly sparkling, and sweet without being too sweet. The lemon flavour gives it a really fresh after taste which is not unpleasant in any way or heavy on the tongue.

I drink alcohol for fun and relaxation and rarely set out to drink with an aim of getting plastered. Phoenix could therefore very easily take the slot for my every day drink. It is also the kind of beer I’d keep loads of in the fridge at home and have two cold ones when I get home after a long day. You know when you just want to be slightly tipsy but still present enough to do your evening chores and go to work the next day? I find this just the beer for that kind of scenario. I can see myself having it at a picnic with loved ones without the danger getting too wasted in the bush and not remembering the way home 😀 I could also pop a few into my backpack and head onto that long beach walk with a few sips here and there.

My friends and I tried both chilled and room temperature and this, like many other beers, is best served chilled. It is however not wrong or farfetched to drink it at room temperature especially when Nairobi weather decides against cold drinks.

My friends and I got some Phoenix beers and here are a few of the first impressions:

Mishi of Beershara – I love it! I feel it’s a softer version of Desperados which I also love. I’m able to go from bitter to sweet beers seamlessly and I’m loving Phoenix.

Beverly Mbeke of Kuhusle – She’s my fellow Desperados drinker and she loved Phoenix as much as I did.

Eva Mulwa – I drink cider so I’m used to the sweeter side of drinks. I do not mind this beer at all.

Wamathai – I love my beer bitter but I know a lot of people who will fall in love with Phoenix.

Emmie Kio – This could be perfect for people just starting out on their alcohol journey. For me though, I prefer lesser to no sugar beers.

Phoenix comes in a pack of 24 pieces of 330 ml each and sells for Kshs2,100/- for 12 cans. This deal is available on Rupu and there is BOGOF (Buy one get one free) on Black Friday. Go for it!