General Motors announces a grand sale for its spare parts


If you drive a Chevrolet, Hummer, Opel or Isuzu car, you are in for some good news as General Motors (GM) has announced that they will be selling spare parts at highly discounted prices. This together with the Isuzu Mashinani initiative is part of GM plan to increase the use of genuine spare parts in a market flooded with counterfeits.

As per research done by GM, only 23% of service parts sold in the market are genuine. That means that 77% of the market is characterized by counterfeit and second hand parts. What many who buy these parts don’t realise is that there is a direct correlation between the purchase of counterfeit parts and the many accidents that we see on our roads. This is due to the fact that these counterfeits have a very high failure rate which can sometimes prove fatal. This is a significant aspect as the end year festive season begins and an increase in road travel is expected.

When one considers that most of the buses on our roads are from GM one starts to appreciate this noble initiative from them. Other than this offer, during the annual GM Likizo Fest they targeted Isuzu school bus customers with a 20% discount on spare parts and also provided safety training for drivers.

The Grand Sale is running from today 4th  to 11th November 2016 and will offer a range of discounted vehicles and spare parts at their GM assembly plant.

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