Banking made convenient and cheaper with EazzyPay


Due to our busy schedules one often feels as if the days have become shorter hence one is not able to achieve as much as they would like. However, advances in technology have made things easier for us. One task that I really don’t enjoy is a trip to the bank but technology has reduced these trips to almost nil. This is because I can be able to make deposits and withdrawals through my phone and now with EazzyPay I can be able to pay for goods and services straight from my Equity Bank account. One can make the payments either through the Equitel sim card or through the EazzyApp.

When making, a payment using mobile money one has to check and counter check the merchants till number. This is to avoid a scenario whereby you make a payment to the wrong till which can takes ages to reverse. If you are in a queue let say in a supermarket, it might lead to you getting bad eyed by other customers due to holding up the queue. However, with EazzyPay merchants till numbers come preloaded. You just need to either scroll through the various numbers or you can just search for the merchant’s name. This ultimately reduces the time taken to make a payment. The EazzyApp also has the option of scanning a merchant’s QR code which makes the payment process even faster. EazzyPay merchants can be found in shops, supermarkets, petrol stations, hotels and also airlines. I tried to search for Shell petrol stations among the merchants and only found two, i hope that more come on board.


In the past I used to use mobile money to make payments for services religiously till I realized that some of the merchants’ charge fees for these payments. As such I have had to ask each merchant if there are any charges for payments made via mobile money. This has proved to be quite tedious especially if you have to repeat the same question three or four times in a day. However, with EazzyPay you can forget about all these hidden charges. Customers are not charged any fees whatsoever; in this case, it is the merchant who pays a commission of 1% for the transaction. For the merchants having an EazzyPay option is a boon since as soon as a customer makes a payment, the money hits their Equity bank accounts immediately.

One aspect that totally blew me away is the fact that one can send a code to a withdraw cash to any phone or even social media using EazzyApp. How I think it works is that after you the send the code, the recipient can go to any equity agent to get the cash. How cool is that??!! However, I tried to use it unsuccessfully so my guess is that it has not been operationalized. But when it starts working it will be a big disruption in the money transfer sector in Kenya.


While using EazzyPay one can transact up to Kshs. 1,000,000 per transaction and Kshs. 1,000,000 per day under the “Pay for Goods and Services” option and Kshs.300,000 per transaction and Kshs. 1,000,000 per day for “Paybill”.

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