People are sharing pictures of Jacarandas in bloom & they are beautiful #JacarandaPropaganda

#JacarandaPropaganda at Crayfish Camp, Naivasha (November 2015)

Jacarandas are beautiful, especially when they are in bloom. There is something awesome about those purple flowers shining in the sun and littering the ground. In Kenya, they bloom in September to late December.

Continuing a trend that was started by Twitter @Nanjala1 (Nanjala Yabola) last year, Jacaranda enthusiasts have started sharing pictures of Jacarandas in bloom under the hashtag #JacarandaPropaganda. The pictures are amazing and they are also sparking conversations about the preservation of nature for future generations. Jacarandas, for instance, take 7 to 14 years to grow well enough to bloom. That means that as our country grows, it would be better if we found a way to preserve trees as opposed to cutting them down when say a road is being built. It is sad what happened to the beautiful Jacarandas that were on the stretch of Ngong Road where a dual carriageway being built.

Here are some of the pictures of the purple goodness that have been shared so far this year. They are mostly from Kenya and hopefully people from other countries might join.