Last Friday a tweep by the name of Laura Wambi tweeted a complaint to Telkom Kenya in regards to one of their customer service employees. The said employee had taken down her number after she had visited their center at Orange Mega after which he decided to WhatsApp her late at night. Understandably Laura did not take this too kindly being both a breach of trust and invasion of privacy.

The telco quickly apologised and indicated that the matter was being addressed.

However, as soon as she tweeted her complaint two school of thoughts formed on social media. That is those who thought that she was overreacting by reporting the employee to his employer and those who thought that she was doing the right thing. In my opinion Laura was well within her rights to make the complaint because the said employee did not have her permission to use her number. If the number was given to the guy consensually there would be no problem at all. In this case the guy used information which was held in his trust being an employee of a telco for his own gain at the expense of Laura. What those supporting the employee don’t realise is that some of these corporates hold a lot of information on their customers including and not limited to their residences. It could be that the guy meant no harm to the lady in this case but think of a scenario whereby a psychopath managed to access and use such information. This brings forth the issue of security which many do not seem to be aware of hence my surprise that there are ladies who have come out to support the guy. In this case Laura being a rape survivor did not want to take chances.

Among the individuals who are supporting the Orange employee was a lady who intimated that she should not have reported him because that is how marriages start. My thinking is that if he was so interested in her, he should have found a creative way to express his interest and ask her for her number or give her his number.

Here are some of the tweeps who supported Laura.

One Njoki Ngumi even sought to educate the masses on matters data privacy which many don’t seem to appreciate.

It seems that this issue is so rampant in many countries that it caught the attention of a South African tweep who asked others to share their experiences.

She also offered the Orange employee a tip on how to get a lady’s attention rather than intruding on her privacy.

The response to her tweet especially from ladies was overwhelming, here are some of the tweets. It seems down south the ladies have it bad.