Kenya is known as Tusker beer country. Tusker, and beers manufactured by its owner EABL dominate the market, but there are other beers that are available here. Some are manufactured here and others are imported. Here is a list of all the beers that you can get in Kenya.

A. East African Breweries (EABL) Beers

EABL is the largest alcoholic beverage company in East Africa. Their beers are available in bars and supermarkets.

1. Tusker Lager – Pale Lager
2. Tusker Malt Lager – Pale Lager
3. Tusker Lite – Pale Lager
4. Pilsner Lager – Pale Lager
5. Pilsner Ice – Pale Lager
6. WhiteCap Lager – Pale Lager
7. WhiteCap Light – Pale Lager
8. Pilsner Ice Light – Pale Lager
9. Balozi Lager – Pale Lager
10. President Extra Lager – Strong Pale Lager
11. Senator Keg Lager – Pale Lager
12. Allsopps Lager – Pale Lager

B. Keroche Breweries Beers

Keroche Breweries is Kenyan alcoholic beverage manufacturer. Their beers are available in bars and supermarkets.

13. Summit Lager – Pale Lager
14. Keroche Summit Malt – Premium Lager

C. Sierra Beers

Sierra Beer is made by Ozzbeco Ltd. Sierra Amber, Sierra Blonde, Sierra Imperial Stout and Sierra Platinum are available in bottles in some bars and supermarkets. All the beers in their portfolio are available at their establishment, Sierra Brassarie, at Yaya Centre.

15.Sierra Maibock – Heller Bock (seasonal beer ~ May – September)
16. Sierra Imperial Stout – Stout
17. Sierra Oktoberfest – Oktoberfest/Märzen (seasonal beer ~ September – December)
18. Sierra Coffee Ale – Spice/Herb/Vegetable
19. Sierra Porter – Porter
20. Sierra Amber – Amber Lager/Vienna
21. Sierra Blonde – Dortmunder/Helles
22. Sierra Platinum – Vienna style Lager

D. Big Five Breweries Beers

Big Five Breweries beers are craft beers that are made in Kenya. They are available at their establishments; Brew Bistro Ngong Road (Piedmont Plaza) and Brew Bistro Rooftop at Fortis Towers.

23. Nyatipa – English Pale Ale
24. Enkare – Abbey Tripel
25. Hefeweizen – German Hefeweizen
26. ChuiKolsch – Kölsch
27. Kifabock – Abbey Dubbel
28. Art Brew – English Pale Ale
29. Temstout – Stout
30. Kristallweizen – German Kristallweizen
31. Simpils – Pilsener
31. Märzen – Oktoberfest/Märzen
32. Simpils Lite – Czech Pilsner (Světlý)
33. Oktoberfest – Amber Ale

E. Sirville Brewery Beers

Sirville Brewery brews craft beer in Kenya. Their beers are available at their establishment at Galleria Mall.

34. Tsavo Lager – Pale Lager
35. Mara Pils – Pilsner
36. Amboseli Bitter Ale – Ale

F. SABMiller Beers

Crown Beverage distributes SABMiller products in Kenya. Their beers are available in bars and supermarkets.

37. Castle Lager – Pale Lager
38. Castle Lite – Light Pale Lager
39. Castle Milk Stout – Pale Lager
40. Peroni – Pale Lager
41. Miller Genuine Draft – Lager

G. Heineken Beers

Heineken imports the beers it distributes in Kenya. They are available in bars and supermarkets.

42. Heineken – Lager
43. Desparados – Pale Lager beer with Tequilla

H. Carlsberg Beers

Centum owned King Beverage Ltd, distributes Carlsberg in Kenya. It is available in bars and supermarkets.

44. Carlsberg – Pilsener

I. Others

45. Faxe – Strong Lager

Faxe beer is available at some bars and in supermarkets.

If we missed one, do let us know in the comments and we will add it.