An MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a must if you want to improve your business and management skills. There are those who get an MBA so as to improve their chances of getting a promotion at work or even their dream job. There are also others like myself who saw it as a chance to sharpen their business skills before venturing into entrepreneurship and I have to say that the knowledge gained has been invaluable. As such it goes without saying that the MBA is the most popular program in the field of business management training. So it would be a very big plus for your resume and career growth to take part in one of the MBA program.

The first step that you need to take on your journey to acquiring an MBA is to apply to one of the universities. For some of them especially the international ones, one is required to write an essay. This is one of the most complicated and yet at the same time, ordinary section of admission. The good thing is that, in case it proves to be a tough nut to crack you can always buy essay papers. The best advice that we can give you is that just be yourself and try to avoid the following mistakes:

1. Faceless candidate

The most common mistake that applicants make is to use one essay template for every MBA program application. You can be sure that the examiners have seen it all so if you just use the typical templates out there your chances of being disqualified are pretty high.

2. Not answering the theme questions

It sounds to be a very obvious mistake but lots of applicants forget to answer these questions or end up just answering some of them. One thing that you have to remember is that an examiner only reads each essay for only 2-3 minutes. As such they expect to see the answers to assigned questions in a logical order.

3. If you are asked to write a 100 word essay, just write it

This mistake is relative to the previous one and the main point is, don’t try to reinvent the wheel, be laconic, brief but remarkable.

4. Showing your lack of knowledge about the university

Each university is proud of its heritage and strengths. As such there is no doubt that they want you to convince them that you are the most appropriate candidate who will utilize these strengths and bring in something new and useful. However, ensure to know your limits too much flattery is never a good thing.

5. Grammatical errors

You should ensure that your grammar is perfect, however it is not a big deal if you make one or two errors. Just ensure to read and reread your essay before submitting as careless mistakes will act as a ‘red flag’ for the examiners.

6. Digital Footprints

In this digital era, most of us have a digital footprint. If you happen to have a bad footprint try to use the essay as an explanation of your faults. Essays can be a good place to explain what happened. However, ensure to have limits as the school is looking for an explanation not a story.

7. Be authentic

As you write the essay, just be yourself. If for example you happen to have a love for cats don’t be afraid to show it. It just means that you have values and the best way for the university to know you is for you to show who you really are.

8. Copying what is on website or brochure

In a bid to show the examiners that they know everything that there is to know about a school, some applicants end up copying what is on the website onto the essay. What they don’t realize is that this does not augur well with the examiners they might fail you for that.

9. Absence of a connection between your goals and the university chosen

Your goals in in life/business may be important to you but in an essay, they won’t count for much if you fail to link them with the benefits that the MBA program can help you achieve.

10. The deadline

Always ensure that you have adequate time to write and submit your essay. A hurried essay will end up having many mistakes which might cost you the chance of joining your university of choice.