I am sure that every one of us knows of  at least one young mother. We also know that these young women are mostly single mothers raising their children with the help of their family and very close friends. The relationship between the mother and father of the child is often times strained hence the mothers opt for single parenthood. In situations where the two are able to come to an amicable agreement both parties may decide to co-parent.

For the longest time, there has been so much negative energy surrounding the whole issue of single mothers. If it is not society’s  negative views of the single mother it is groups on social media bashing the absent fathers. With all this chaos one would think that there is no way out. However all hope is not lost. There are people  who are trying to change the narrative surrounding single motherhood.

Mwende Mbae is a 24 year old lady who has a blog and Youtube channel by the name. She started the blog to share her journey of motherhood and to create  a platform that would  allow others to share their stories, their life’s journey as well as engage in public discussions that will give a sense of belonging to single mothers who feel alone.

Her most interactive platform currently is her youtube channel. What is unique about it is that she gives her account of her journey from the relationship that led to her pregnancy down to her current status with her baby daddy. The father of her child also has his say on the channel and so yes, it really does get that up close and personal.

For young mothers especially this would be a healthy and safe space to share. Due to the fact that besides offering advice on how to deal with the journey of young motherhood, she encourages young mothers and mothers to be to inbox her and talk to her about their struggles. This is the kind of positive response that we need more of to counter the negativity surrounding single motherhood. Mwende Mbae is definitely  changing lives one episode at a time.

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