A mentorship program facilitated by Co-operative Bank of Kenya Foundation and sponsored by the MoneyGram Foundation will benefit 350 underprivileged high school students countrywide.The mentorship program funded by MoneyGram Foundation through a grant of five million Kenya shillings will be facilitated by Kenyan entrepreneurs, university students and social workers throughout this week. The week-long workshops will be held in seven regions around the country, and will target form three students from each region. The 350 students have been selected based on performance and  are the top performers in the current scholarship program

The Co-operative Bank of Kenya has allocated over Ksh 600 million from the banks’ profits towards increasing access to good education for needy children since 2007. Currently, the Co-op Foundation has benefited over 3000 students by paying school fees in secondary schools across Kenya and an additional 140 students in various universities.

Kenya is among 8 African countries to receive grants from the MoneyGram Foundation. Other countries include Benin, Ethiopia, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Zambia. Additional grants are planned for this year and 2017 to empower even more African children with access to education.

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