When one talks of an energy saver, what comes to mind is the ordinary energy saver aka compact fluorescent lamps. Well Philips have now launched a super led energy saver, super because it works better than the kawaida energy saver and then some.

One of the things which makes this bulb awesome is that it does not contain any mercury. Compact florescent lamps (cfls) contain mercury vapor, mercury as you know is a potentially dangerous substance that escapes from broken CFLs into the immediate surroundings, and therefore the breakage of a CFL bulb should be handled by carefully removing the broken bulb and its contents from a home. It is worth remembering that mercury is associated with nervous disorders, cancer, kidney damage, respiratory failure and even death. Though it is claimed that the mercury contained in the bulbs is not enough to make you sick but why should you take chances.

The LED bulb also consumes even less power than the CFL bulb. The ordinary energy saver provides energy savings of about 47%, the new Philips energy saver assures you of energy savings of up to 80%. So you can kiss goodbye those high powers, plus with the rising cost of living who needs such.

As you are well aware Kenya Power is not the most reliable service provider, as such I am pretty sure that you have experienced a brown out at one time or another. Here is the thing if during the brown out the Wattage happen to be below 116W, best believe the ordinary energy will not light up hence you will be in darkness till the fault is rectified which might even take days. However, with the Philips LED energy saver it lights up at just 36W ensuring that you will be the envy of your neighbors during the brown out.

The LED energy saver unlike other energy savers can withstand voltage fluctuations of above 2000V and below 50V. An ordinary energy saver can only withstand voltage fluctuations of between 220-240V and if there happens to be a power surge the ordinary bulbs will most probably blow up something which will never happen with the LED energy saver.
If you are in a building with a back up generator, this is the bulb for you as it happens to be generator friendly. This basically means that the lights will remain on when you change your back up power supply.

The Philips LED bulb is made of plastic as such in case it accidentaly falls to the floor be assured that it will not break into a million tiny pieces that are a health hazard and difficult to clean up. If you have children in the house this is the bulb for you.

The icing on the cake is the fact that the bulb can last for a whopping 10 years. Ordinary bulbs have a knack of expiring at the worst moments possible, imagine you have just arrived home from a night out with your pals, you fika the house and try to switch on the lights. Nothing doing, you curse under your breath and try to navigate around your house using your phone but you end up tripping on the edge of a table. With the Philips LED energy saver you can forget about all those inconveniences, I mean you can date, get married, have a child and even take your child to school while using the same bulb. Also the bulb with all its benefits is retailing for just Shs. 395, think of all the bulbs you might have to buy over a 10 year period and how much this LED bulb will enable you save.

As Philips launches their awesome LED bulbs into the Kenyan market they will be holding activations throughout this month. During the activations there will be a contest whereby one stands a chance to win a spa voucher for a day of pampering. The contest details are as follows;

Step 1- Take a photo at the Philips LED setup in front of one of the lights.

Step 2- Upload the photo on your Facebook page with an interesting caption for example Nice setup, Like the new LED lights, remember to tag @Philips Lighting East Africa with the hashtag #therightlightiseverything.

The activations will be going down in the following malls.

• Garden City- 12th to 13th March
• Thika Road Mall – 19th to 20th March
• Village Market- 26th to 27th March
• Junction- 23th to 24th April