It is most people’s dream to travel and experience different things and places. It is said that different experiences shape us into better human beings. With the advent of Social Media, it is now normal to share pictures from one’s travels, starting from the airport to the travel destination.

Facebook user Seve Gat recently shared pictures of her trip to China. She first shared a picture of her posing next to the plane she was leaving with to China.

Seve Gat 3

She then shared a picture of her navigating a mountain

Seve Gat 2

Finally she shared one of her on the Great Wall of China.

Seve Gat 1

As you have probably guessed by now, Seve Gat hasn’t travelled to China. She has however engaged the services of someone who is terrible at Photoshop or undertook the work herself. In all the images she is terribly superimposed to her desired location.

Because everyone deserves a good Photoshop job, I am challenging the Photoshop gurus in Kenya and at ADCC to help Seve Gat in coming up with better images.


Seve Gat is travelling to China for real after Kenyans fundraised for her trip ~>

More pictures of Seve Gat travels

Seve Gat 12

Seve Gat 8

Seve Gat 9

Seve Gat 10

Seve Gat 11