HEVA Fund, a finance and business support facility for creative businesses, has invested in 6 Kenyan fashion businesses with an aim of helping them achieve commercialization.

HEVA announced a call for applications for this investment cycle in May and they received 95 eligible applications from all over the country. They received applications from 33 businesses in fashion and apparel, 33 in crafts and hand-made items and 29 in music and music performance value-chains. 58% of the total applications were made by men and 42% women. Even though they received applications from other sectors, they chose to invest in the fashion industry in this investment cycle.

HEVA fund helps entrepreneurs in the creative sector take their businesses to the next level either in terms of streamlining production, acquiring production assets or technologies, creating a new point of sale, entering a new market or improving cash flow.

The businesses that HEVA invested in are:

1. Katungulu Mwendwa

This is a Kenyan fashion fashion brand named after and run by Katungulu Mwendwa. HEVA’s support for Katungulu will go towards increasing production and brand development.

2. Mambo Pambo

Mambo Pambo is a design house specialising in Afro-contemporary apparel for both bespoke and ready-to-wear collections, as well as in the production of interior décor items and soft furnishings. HEVA’s support for Mambo Pambo will go towards increasing production and retail space expansion.

3. Katchy Kollections

Kenyan Fashion Accessories house Katchy Kollections is a Kenyan fashion accessories brand that was founded in Nairobi by Award winning designer of the ‘African Designer for tomorrow’ competition Anthony Mulli. Their designs are inspired by traditional craftsmanship skills and technique which are then manipulated in the construction of its designs, using beadwork as the main ingredient. HEVA’s support for Katchy is going towards garment manufacturing and retail expansion.

4. ZikoAfrika

ZikoAfrika is a contemporary accessories brand inspired by eclectic aesthetics to reflect a modern take on traditional forms and materials. ZikoAfrika look to redefine how local fashion is perceived and consumed through the production of high-quality, edgy and affordable pieces that are 100% made in Kenya. HEVA’s support to ZikoAfrika is going towards production support, online retail solutions, and distribution.

5. Pikham Management and Suppliers Limited

Pikham is a tailoring factory based in Eldoret. Its core market is in uniforms and protective wear. HEVA’s support for Pikham is going towards expansion of production space, as well as machinery and materials acquisitions.

6. Kepha Maina

Kepha Maina is a seasoned contemporary fashion designer with a distinct architectural signature in his garments. Kepha’s designs are known for their infusion of a distinct high-fashion aesthetic into ready-to-wear everyday pieces. HEVA’s support for Kepha is going towards: Increasing production capacity and production support.