TruecallerIf you own a smart phone, you must have downloaded the Truecaller app and if for some reason you haven’t do it now. Truecaller has been handy in identifying the names of callers not on your phonebook before you pick up the call. This is helpful in situations where you do not want to pick a call from a particular individual who might have used a different number to call, think stalkers.

The app has recently been upgraded, with the upgrade containing a new block feature which gives you extra control over how your phone works when you get an unwanted call. It is also a simpler way of reducing spam. In the U.S scam calls have made headlines in the recent past, this often happens when many calls originate from an area code outside the U.S. Truecaller has tackled this by blocking whole area codes/country codes from contacting you.

The block feature works by enabling you to block numbers which have a certain prefix for example if you wanted to block all calls from Uganda, just block all numbers starting with +256 or +255 for Tanzania. You can set your preferences to block calls either using Hang up which rejects calls automatically or you can mute them, which lets them ring silently.

I recently received one those funny messages about a lady who had just arrived in the country and looking for a romantic relationship from a number starting with the prefix +257. I put a stop to these shenanigans by blocking all calls with that prefix which I later came to learn is Burundian. With guys getting conned left right and center by guys in Kamiti, this feature will be a big help.