President Uhuru Kenyatta

President Uhuru Kenyatta

Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenya’s fourth president, is praised as the coolest president we’ve had. Unlike his predecessors he has taken to being open (seemingly approachable) and his approval ratings are over 70%.

So what are some of the things he’s done that make him so likeable.

1. Social media

It started out as a tool for his campaign but the President has not forgotten his fans and followers and is now the most active African head of state on social media. If you want to know what the President has been up to over the past week, just check his social media pages.

uhuru fb

a snip of the Presiden’t Facebook page

uhuru twitter

a snip of the President’s twitter page

2. Otonglo time

We have all seen the video. One of the best moments in his tenure so far was seeing the president left in stitches during the 2013 drama festival gala. From the way he was laughing hard you could genuinely say he was enjoying the show and this improved his image as a really cool guy. He later on called the performer to have lunch with him and even took to sponsoring his studies as he came from a struggling background.

3. State house tours

I remember when I was growing up, during the Moi era, state house was this mythical house up the hill where the president lived. Very few people had access to the place and even fewer knew how it looked on the inside.

One of the things, Uhuru has done differently is open up the house on the hill to the public and how better to get good publicity and show good will than taking a group of kids on a tour. Personally, we may add.

4. Bromance with the deputy

The president seems to have a very close relationship with his deputy. From matching ties, to goofing around on set they seem to be the closest of friends and this has potrayes another side of his presidency not shared by his predecessors.

image via OyungaPala

image via OyungaPala

5. Sponsoring the football team to attend the world cup

The President and his wife sponsored the national football team to the world cup so as to inspired them to perform better.

image via

image via

6. Hosting the national rugby team and wearing a rugby jersey

We all love the Kenya 7s team and the president made sure they know that.

image via

image via

7. Dancing with the police choir

He may not have been part of the choreography but that didn’t stop him from busting moves.

8. Hanging out with Akon

This automatically makes you a cool guy, no need to add more.

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