Why you can’t sell some things on OLX


No Selling Aloud
I’ve always believed everything sells on OLX. After all, that is their slogan and selling point. Turns out not everything sells on the site. I discovered this little fact when I went looking for cigars. I really wanted some Cuban cigars but my budget was limiting. I figured OLX would have it at cheaper costs seeing as every other good I have looked for saved me cash. I searched for it and I was greatly disappointed. It didn’t make sense till I talked to a friend about it and they explained the reason I couldn’t get cigars on the site is because it’s against the terms and conditions of OLX.

OLX has a list of forbidden items, things you cannot sell. Stuff like alcohol, tobacco products and anything illegal fall in this list.

Think of it this way, you really want to buy some decorative pieces for your house. Your décor theme would go well with some African pieces and what comes to mind is tusks or a rhino’s horn. So you go on the site hoping to sell it and sure enough you find someone with the pieces and they are not exactly replicas. Did you know this is illegal? You aren’t allowed to sell endangered species and their body parts. The good folks at OLX wouldn’t want to help you break any laws. Which is actually a good thing.

What I’m driving at is that despite you wanting to sell something, sometimes OLX will have to pull down your ad or forbid you from doing it. Moderation is about bringing within reasonable limits. They have moderators who allow ads within reason to go on the site. They check that these ads have a title, description, price and photo. They also remove excesses i.e. the illegal, the forbidden, poor quality, offensive.

So how does the moderation work?

• Moderators work on shift to ensure that ads go live.
• They go through scrutinize each ad to ensure ad quality in terms of ad title, description, appropriate image, correct pricing.
• They then activate the ads.
• To be successful at their jobs, moderators have to have a keen eye for detail, show proper judgement and experience in customer service and are well learned too

Moderation is an important aspect of running a family oriented site like OLX. The only down side to having moderation on OLX is that you won’t be able to get alcohol or tobacco products(I really wanted to get those cigars).

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