How to buy a GOtv set top box with M-Shwari


GOtv - Mshwari

Multi-Choice Kenya, Commercial Bank of Africa and Safaricom have partnered to offer Kenyans a chance to buy Gotv set top boxes on loan through M-Shwari. The GOtv decoder loan will enable customers to pay for the decoder, which costs Ksh. 3,499 in three monthly installments.

Here’s how to buy a Gotv set top box with M-Shwari.


1. You must be an M-PESA subscriber for at least 6 months. To register for M-PESA visit a Safaricom agent with your National ID or passport.
2. You must sign up for M-Shwari. Do so by going to the Safaricom menu on your phone, select “M-PESA”, go to “My Account”, then “Update Menu”, then enter “M-PESA PIN” and wait to receive the updated M-PESA menu. After receiving updated menu, customers go to M-PESA, M-Shwari menu and accept terms & conditions.

3. Your M-Shwari accoun must have a loan limit of at least Ksh. 1,000.

How to buy

1. Dial *234*6# on your phone
2. Select 2 i.e GOtv decoder loan from the menu that appears


3. Select 1 from the menu that appears.


If you qualify a screen message will appear telling you to go to the nearest GOtv shop.


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