Barely two weeks after the Government of India made it a mandatory requirement for you (the traveler) to be vaccinated against Polio before any travel to India, have Kenyan travellers started feeling the repercussions, especially after visa applications being turned down, due to the lack of the Polio vaccination certificate.

The new command was made public earlier this year, through their website, though at the time most Kenyan travellers did not take keen interest to the objective.

The Government of India announced that all travellers from Kenya to India needed to have completed a full course of vaccination against polio and were required to carry with them a written record of vaccination (patient-retained record) for polio, preferably using the IHR 2005 international certificate of vaccination or prophylaxis, from a hospital or center administering OPV, authorized by the Government of the Republic of Kenya.

It is important to note that, the Polio vaccine must have been administered at least six weeks before travel into India at an authorized Medical facility and supported with due documentation.