When you first start dating, you’re excited at how he is the perfect match for you. You’re so good together and you even see yourself with the happy ever after life with him. But over time, things change, the man you fell for isn’t the one you’re with anymore. Something seems to be off with your better half.

We often overlook things and rush into relationships. We fool ourselves into believing he is the one for us and end up unhappy in the relationship. All this can be avoided if you look out for the signs in him that tell you to run for the hills.

The first sign that should give you a clue that he’s not the one for you is when you get the feeling you should get out. Women generally have a 6th sense about men and their relationships. They get a gut feeling that something isn’t right and most tend to ignore it. When your gut tells you to pack up and move, listen to it! If you find yourself feeling scared for your life or you always get angry when you see him, you should end the relationship. Whatever your gut is making you feel towards him is a clear sign that he isn’t the man for you and you should leave before it’s too late.

Have you ever dated a man that’s too busy, even for you? A sure sign he isn’t the one for you. He might be busy with work and family, but it’s still time for you to call it quits. If he can’t make room to spend some time with you, he is better off being in a relationship with his work. If you stay with him even 10years down the line, you and any children you have will come in second or third to everything else. He has his priorities misplaced and you’re better off without him.

A man is not the one for you if you feel judged when you’re with him. If you feel like you can’t be yourself or if you feel like he’s judging you when you are being yourself, it’s a safe bet that he’s not the one. If he wants to change you and makes you feel like whom you are and what you are not good enough it’s time to move one. The right guy won’t ever judge you.

A man isn’t right for you if you can’t discuss important things. A relationship needs discussions for it to thrive. Not every conversation has to be deep, but you do need to discuss the things that will affect your future as a couple. If you don’t feel comfortable or are unable to discuss your finances, your health issues or other important issues, you know he isn’t the one. When you’re with Mr. Right such discussions will be top priority for you.

How he fits in with your friends will also determine if he is the right man for you or not. If he doesn’t fit in with them, he is just not the one. Many people will disagree with this but I always feel like if a man can’t have fun and be himself when my friends are around he isn’t worth being in my life. If he sits quietly in a corner and looks like he’d rather be elsewhere when your friends are around you should leave him. Your man should at least be able to pretend to like having them around. Friends essentially determine who you are as a person, if he doesn’t like them and doesn’t fit in with them then he technically feels the same way about you and you should end the relationship.

These are just a few of the signs that show you that relationship you are trying to have won’t work. What other signs do you think show you that he isn’t the one for you?