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I ran into some articles when skimming through Linkedin and was amazed by how much there was to be gained by recent graduates in terms of wisdom. Having several of my friends who had recently finished campus I thought I would share some of what I picked and hope you take the opportunity to read the articles.

Live your life as you would want it to be read in your eulogy. In the article by Geoff Yang, a partner at Redpoint Ventures, he asks graduates to embark in life considering what they want it to be like and what they hope to accomplish. He asks them to write their eulogy thinking of how they want to be remembered by family and friends and use it to shape their life. It may seem like a drastic planning way but if the shoe fits why not wear it.

Find something you are passionate about. In his article, Richard Branson says that the best advice he could give to any graduate is to spend their time working on whatever they are passionate about in life. Geoff Yang advises them to do something they would do even if they didn’t get paid to do it. If you don’t then life will just be a chore. Ilya Pozin, founder of Ciplex, goes to the extent of telling graduates that your degree means nothing.

Gain some experience. Ilya advocates for an end to the “silver spoon complex” where graduates believe simply gaining a degree is a golden ticket to gaining a job. His advice to graduates is to take some time to do some freelance work and gain some experience. Branson advices graduates to travel and take on new experiences so as to drawn upon those when making future decisions that will shape their future.

Don’t rush and be one dimensional. In the words of Geoff Yang, “There’s a fine line between chasing your dreams and not being willing to lay a long-term foundation for success”.

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