In a relationship, there is always one thing you fear. Something you would rather never encounter: infidelity. It’s the deal breaker in all relationships. You cheat on someone and it’s all over. Once in a while you can mend things and get back together but the trust is broken so nothing is ever really the same.

To some, infidelity begins and ends when you think of someone else sexually. The moment you look at someone other than your partner, you have cheated and the relationship is over. It’s not just about getting into bed with someone, it’s the fact that you have thought of someone else. That enough proof of infidelity.

For others infidelity is all about emotional attachment. When you feel closer to someone else than your partner it’s cheating. There are times when you prefer talking to someone else, most likely a friend of the opposite sex about your problems. When something is not right in the relationship you would rather talk to them first before your partner. When there is that emotional dependency and attachment to someone else, the question of infidelity comes in. Is he/she being unfaithful for seeking emotional refuge with someone else?

For some infidelity is when you have sex with someone. If there was no sex, there is no cheating. To them, you can kiss someone else and it’s not cheating. As long as they avoid having sex with someone then they are still faithful to their partners.

Everyone has their own definition of cheating. When you accuse someone of it they will have an excuse defending why it wasn’t cheating. So how do you define what infidelity is? The only thing people can agree on is that infidelity Is about broken trust. It’s about feeling someone is disloyal to you. At the end of the day a couple agrees on their own terms as to what cheating to them is. What matters is what you as a couple consider to be infidelity.