I have this friend who everyone says is a lesbian. Some people are ok with it others, not so much. Personally, I really don’t care, she hasn’t mentioned it and our friendship is not sexual so why should it bother me? Every day I see someone come out of the closet, only to be pushed back in and it got me thinking, does someone’s sexuality really concern you?

Here is this person living their life. You’ve known them your whole life, then one day they tell you “I’m gay” or you find them kissing someone of the same sex. Does this make you see them differently? If so, why? I know homosexuality is illegal and all but let’s take that out of the equation. As a person do you shun homosexuals because you want to or because others are doing it? If we push them back in the closet it changes nothing. They still exist.

Nowadays if a guy shows even the least concern for another guy’s well-being, he’s called gay. Most times these rumors are based on nothing but malice. No one bothers finding out if it’s true or not. Short of having someone hit on you or have them tell you their sexual orientation, you really can’t tell. So why does it concern us so much that we agree to spread rumors and ruin people’s lives by having them attacked for nothing? At the end of the day, someone’s sexuality is just that, theirs, not yours not mine. Why do we let it concern us so much that we destroy friendships and family over it?