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I rarely watch news, but when I do I see things that put my mind into overdrive, I analyze situations and ask any questions. KTN aired the story of young girls being given contraceptives by their own parents to prevent pregnancy. Most for the second time. At the age of 16 they are already mothers. I have been on the receiving end of conversations about missing periods and finding out in 9 months you will be pregnant.

My brother saw the story and asked me, would I rather prevent pregnancy through pills or prevent myself from getting HIV and other STIs? Ask a girl out there if she would rather use a condom or take the pill and most prefer taking the pill. Most fear pregnancy more than they do STIs. My question is why? Young mothers out there are shunned in public. Everyone looks down on them and that is where the problem starts.

I always ask myself are girls using the pill willingly or is it because the boyfriend asked them to. In this day and age, do you trust that 20 year old guy to be faithful to you? When you are sleeping around how secure are you to not use condoms just because you are on the pill? The pill shall not prevent you from getting STIs.

As teenagers start having sex too soon I wonder how hard is it to tell your daughter to say NO. To tell that guy ‘NO condom, NO sex’? Or just say No entirely to sex. Have we raised them to believe getting a child is worse than getting an STI? Why have we made the stigma of getting children stop us from educating our young girls on the dangers of unprotected sex? Most importantly why are we encouraging them to have sex rather than telling them to say NO to it at a young age. Has the word NO lost meaning in our society when it comes to sex? I think it has and I think somebody needs to change this fact.