The KTN (Knowledge Transfer Network) Global Alliance Africa has launched its innovation action plan designed to support local and regional innovation in Eldoret. The launch is part of its pilot place-based Innovation (PBI) programme in Kenya.

The 10-point Innovation Action Plan was presented at EldoHub’s Eldoret Innovation Action Plan launch event. The launch gives the KTN Global Alliance Africa team, its local partners, and the new Eldoret Local Innovation Network (LIN), a clear roadmap to meet its vision for the future and scale homegrown innovative solutions for local problems.

The Eldoret Innovation Action Plan was co-created following a series of design workshops with different local stakeholders within the Eldoret innovation ecosystem. This includes the County Government of Eldoret, to identify regional innovation challenges and outline practical solutions. After the launch, the plan will be used collaboratively to deliver a demand-driven 10-point programme, to include a range of network-building opportunities with local, national and international networks.

The 10 point plan also includes digital transformation training, job matching and internship programmes and establishing a locally run ICT virtual Learning Hub.

Speaking during the launch, EldoHub Executive Director Magdaline Chepkemoi said, “Through close collaboration with KTN Global Alliance Africa, by 2025, we are looking forward to Eldoret’s innovation ecosystem becoming a source of prosperity for all, with meaningful employment opportunities for a more tech-savvy workforce, and strong links with regional, national and international partners.”

On her part, Sheilah Birgen, KTN Global Alliance Africa Kenya Country lead said, “Today, we’re excited to be launching our first initiative in Eldoret to deliver both a Local Innovation Network and Innovation Action Plan, because this is going to support the grassroots innovation ecosystem which will mean more meaningful opportunities for jobs and growth around Eldoret.”