BURN Manufacturing has announced that it has received a USD 12 million investment from Key Carbon Ltd. The investment is supported by Cartesian, a global private equity firm that invests in innovative projects, including those centered on decarbonization and climate mitigation.

This new investment will go towards the distribution of electric cookstoves in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia and biomass stoves in Nigeria, DRC, Tanzania, and Mozambique over the next two years.

Carbon financing has enabled BURN to subsidize the cost of its cookstoves, making them more accessible to low-income households.

Peter Scott, BURN’s Founder and CEO said: “Since 2014, BURN’s industry-leading electric and biomass stoves are transforming the lives of over 24 million people. Now with funding from this transaction, we will bring our revolutionary appliances to an additional 1.5 million people. These products will avoid over 12 million tons of carbon emissions over the next 7 years. Last year, Key Carbon provided us with 25 million in financing to allow us to provide affordable cookstoves to customers and we are delighted to expand our partnership with Key Carbon, with the ultimate goal of raising :1 billion in carbon financing so that we can bring a clean cooking appliance to every household on the continent.”

Luke Leslie, Co-Founder and CEO of Key Carbon said: “Key Carbon continues to attract institutional investors and corporations into the VCM through creating appealing investable products. The VCM has enormous potential to accelerate climate and biodiversity action and benefit some of the world’s most vulnerable communities but requires more global asset managers and corporations to see carbon credits as an investable asset class. This latest transaction with Cartesian further endorses Key Carbon as a preferred route for investors to finance impactful decarbonization projects and access high-quality carbon credits.”

In 2023, BURN Manufacturing announced the issuance of Africa’s first-ever green bond designated for clean cooking financing of USD $10 Million. In the same year BURN received the inaugural Energy Transition Changemakers award by the COP28 UAE Presidency in Dubai for its innovative approaches in promoting sustainable clean cooking practices.