When OPPO launched its new flagship, the Oppo Reno11 series, in the market market, it also announced that it would come with a new version of its operating system i.e. ColorOS 14.

The new ColorOS 14 is based on Android 14 and comes introduces an optimized Aquamorphic Design, AI-powered smart features, ultra-smooth performance, and easy to use tool for safety and privacy.

ColorOS was launched in 2013 and today it has more than 600 million global monthly active users.

Aquamorphic Design

ColorOS 14 features an upgraded Aquamorphic Colouring system that can adapt to the smartphone’s status, time, and on-screen content. By matching colors with context, the colouring system makes information receiving and understanding much more effective and intuitive while also providing a highly immersive user experience.

An Aqua Dynamics design, introduced by ColorOS 14, enables more intuitive interactions for users. This feature integrates common forms of interaction into bubbles, capsules, and panels that expand from the status bar to present information in a way that flows and merges with minimal disruption.

ColorOS 14 comes with a new GO Green Always-On Display to raise awareness about climate change and environmental protection, aligning with OPPO’s belief in Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World. The Go Green AOD includes three sets of Environment Vision pages, where each set includes five environment-related animations that can change based on users’ daily step count, showing the reduced carbon dioxide emissions from walking instead of taking other forms of transport.

AI-powered Smart Features

ColorOS 14 has a suite of AI-powered smart features to help users improve efficiency in daily tasks.

AI-powered Smart Touch enables users to select content like text, images, and videos from the system and third-party apps2 and collect them on the File Dock, or even consolidate them into a single note by simple select and drag gestures.

The new File Dock on the Smart Sidebar allows users to share content across apps more easily through split-screen, floating windows, or the Dock itself. Content can be stored automatically in the File Dock and can be synced across different devices like smartphones and tablets to boost productivity.

Smart Image Matting is a feature that enables users to crop multiple subjects like persons and animals out from a single image or paused video for the first time on any smartphone. Users can edit the cutouts in the File Pocket, File Dock, and split screen mode, as well as share with friends or use the cutouts to personalize a wallpaper or poster.

Upgraded Trinity Engine

Trinity Engine in ColorOS 14 enhances smartphone’s smoothness and stability by efficiently managing computing resources, memory, and storage. The three key features of Trinity Engine include ROM Vitalization, RAM Vitalization, and CPU Vitalization.

ROM Vitalization can free up memory space by compressing app and file data through App Compression and File Compression within the Phone Manager setting. Smartphones equipped with ROM Vitalization can save up to 20GB of storage space.

RAM Vitalization can accelerate memory performance to boost multi-app efficiency and keep more applications alive in the background. By reconstructing Android’s underlying RAM mechanism and using OPPO’s proprietary technologies, RAM Vitalization can boost usage fluidity by 10% and keep frequently used apps running in the background for up to 72 hours. Users can switch apps more smoothly without feeling any sort of disconnect.

CPU Vitalization is a computing power model that can precisely schedule power resources while determining the best balance between performance and power consumption. Users can enjoy a smoother user experience without draining the battery.

ColorOS 14 also features Smart Charging which is an AI algorithm that can automatically adjust the charging current based on the smartphone’s usage status to help prevent unnecessary battery wear. Arctic Mode has two options for users to select based on different scenarios.

Safety and Privacy Protection

ColorOS 14 integrates the underlying privacy capabilities of Android 14 and introduces a new feature: Picture Keeper. This feature is designed to prevent apps from misusing permissions for your personal photos or videos. Apps need to obtain permission to access selected photos or videos each time once users enabled the new permission management.


In ColorOS 14, Snapchat is now available through two new features: the Snapchat lock-screen shortcut, and Snapchat widget for Shelf. Users can now change their lock-screen shortcut to Snapchat for even faster access. Also, the new Snapchat card for Shelf enables users to see updates in messages, status, and location of their closest friends at a glance.