Britam in partnership with Estée Lauder Companies and Faraja Cancer Trust lit the Britam Tower in vibrant pink to commemorate the annual breast cancer awareness month.

The campaign aims to continue its efforts to advance the discussion around breast cancer early detection and education as alarming statistics come from the Ministry of Health.

According to the ministry, Breast cancer accounts for over 3,107 deaths annually. This makes it the second leading cause of all cancer deaths in Kenya with seven women losing their lives to breast cancer every single day. This makes it the leading type of cancer, with an estimated 6,799 cases each year, contributing to 12.5% of the overall cancer burden.

“It’s not just a lighting ceremony, it is a firm affirmation of our conviction and partnership
with Estée Lauder as well as Faraja Cancer Trust.” Britam Holding Plc Group Managing
Director and Chief Executive Officer Tom Gitogo, said during his speech, reaffirming
Britam’s commitment to help in the fight against breast cancer.

The CEO Mr. Gitogo emphasized the importance of early detection which can only be
brought about by awareness and significantly improves the chances of successful
treatment and survival. He went on to say that Britam will continue to play its role in
raising the bar when it comes to cancer awareness.