Coca-Cola has announced plans to capture a larger share of the premium mineral water market in Kenya by launching a new brand identity for its premium water brand, Keringet.

Keringet, known for its natural spring water sourced from Molo highlands in the Great Rift Valley, has been a choice for consumers seeking refreshment for decades. With a heritage of quality and excellence, the brand’s relaunch marks a significant milestone in its journey to provide an even more enriching experience to its loyal customers.

“We are excited to reintroduce Keringet to our consumers with a fresh look, an expanded product line, and a meaningful ‘Own Your Richness’ campaign,” Caleb Ajidadun, The Commercial Execution Senior Director, Africa Operation Unit ,The Coca-Cola Company

The Keringet product line has also been revitalized to cater to evolving consumer preferences. It now includes a range of still and sparkling natural spring waters. This expanded availability of bottled water empowers customers to choose a refreshing beverage that aligns with their taste and preference.

Speaking during the launch event, Isabelle Kariuki-Rostom, Marketing Director, East and Central Africa at The Coca-Cola Company said that the “Own Your Richness” campaign marks an exciting new chapter for Coca-Cola’s premium water brand. As consumers increasingly prioritize wellness, sustainability, and meaningful experiences, Keringet is poised to become an essential part of their journey.