The Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) paid a visit to Konza Technopolis, in an event aimed at providing first-hand experience of the progress and status of Konza Technopolis and expounding on the opportunities that exist for private investors at Konza Technopolis.

The visit brought together members of KEPSA from different economic sectors including energy, ICT, manufacturing, logistics and business process outsourcing (BPOs) who showed passion, particularly for the green economy solutions that Konza has to offer. The team engaged KOTDA management and staff on the investment opportunities in Konza Core clusters of engineering, life sciences and information communication technology (ICT).

Konza Technopolis and KEPSA have an on-going partnership particularly in
investment development in Kenya. In the same regard, KoTDA has allocated 70% of the land in the Technopolis for Private Sector investment. The Authority has also partnered with other private organizations in the Technopolis’ planning, Skills and job advancements under Jitume programme and in climate action initiatives aimed at ensuring the City is developing as a smart and sustainable city.

During the event, Konza Technopolis’ Board Chairman, Prof Raphael Munavu “The meeting highlights the potential for investment in Konza, with the aim to upscale Kenya as a global leader in innovation,”.

On the other hand, Ben Roberts, the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA’s)
Information Communication Technology (ICT) sector board chair commended Konza Technopolis’s important milestones in incorporating smart city solutions in urban living.“During my childhood, Milton Keynes was a small farming community, which was part of the planned city by the British government, which started small, and it is now full of urban life.”

The KEPSA team further took a tour of the Technopolis and gained the unique
opportunity to explore the state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge facilities
that have been meticulously developed to foster innovation and technological
advancement within Konza Technopolis.This visit deeply enhances the partnership by enabling investors to stay appraised on the development progress at Konza Technopolis and to bridge in discussions on their development goals especially at Konza Technopolis.

Konza Technopolis represents a monumental endeavour aimed at transforming Kenya into a newly industrializing, middle-income country that offers a high quality of life for all its citizens by the year 2030. As the implementing agency for the visionary Konza Technopolis project, the Konza Technopolis Development Authority (KoTDA) is dedicated to developing a sustainable smart city and nurturing an innovation ecosystem that will be a cornerstone of Kenya’s knowledge-based economy.