The recently launched OPPO Reno8 T series comes with OPPO’s first 108MP Portrait Camera, an upgraded 40x Microlens, and a 32MP selfie. The combination helps users to capture better images, even in low light situations.

OPPO’s first 108MP main camera to come to the Reno series is powered by a HM6 sensor packed with Nonapixel Plus technology that can capture rich details of a photo or video from large group photos, wide views, to portrait photos. Users can also crop photos freely to take advantage of large-resolution photo captures and find different perspectives within the same photo.

The Reno8 T 5G also comes with a 2MP depth-sensing lens for accurate bokeh in portraits, and a 40x microlens for microscopic photography. This camera setup also offers a range of features such as Selfie HDR, Bokeh Flare Portrait, and Dual-View Video for vlogging.

The Reno8 T also comes with improved imaging features. With AI Portrait Super Resolution, users can get extra detail and clarity to portrait images taken in low lighting situations. Using this functionality, AI Portrait Super Resolution automatically boosts image clarity and reduces noise to leave you with incredible looking photos.

Through R&D, OPPO has upgraded the Microlens functionality from 30x to 40x to enable users to get an upgraded functionality in the use of their Microlenses. This is a huge evolution over the 30x magnification Microlens featured on the previous generation. OPPO engineers have positioned the camera flash only 8.5 mm away from the Microlens. Here, it acts as a fill light to illuminate objects when the Microlens is in use. OPPO’s HDR algorithm has also been integrated into the upgraded 40x Microlens to guarantee photo quality even in high contrast environments.

The OPPO Reno8 T 5G and OPPO Reno8 T are available for purchase at all OPPO shops countrywide and on e-commerce platform Kilimall. The OPPO Reno8 T 5G and OPPO Reno8 T are available at a recommended retail price of Ksh. 49,999 and Ksh. 37,999 respectively.