If we were to vote, January would most likely be voted the least favorite month of the year. It’s one of those months when after a fun filled Dezembar, reality hits hard and so do the bills. From school fees to rent to groceries, it feels like you’re always taking care of bills and you simply can’t catch a break.

With the high cost of living, the situation is more difficult this year and everyone is feeling extra pressure to meet their financial obligations. Despite the challenges that we face, one thing about Kenyans is we always come through for each other. We are always ready to help a friend in need even if we have our own problems to deal with.

This is all thanks to our strong sense of community and giving nature which is embedded in our core. There are countless stories of selfless Kenyans going above and beyond to offer their assistance in times of need. One such case is Lumwana Mulengwa, a tech enthusiast and co-founder of Veezaviz, who trains people with hearing impairment in technology. His goal is to make a difference in someone else’s life in every project he does.

Though we can’t all start such initiatives, we can help in our own small ways. Additionally, a little goes a long way, especially in Njaanuary. With Safaricom’s Lipa na Bonga, you can pay for someone’s groceries, buy exercise books for a child in need or pay for your friend’s outstanding bills using Bonga points.

You can also help by collaborating together. If your friend has a business or talent, share it on your social media, tell your other friends and just spread the word. You can take advantage of Safaricom’s offers and discounts that make it not only convenient but also affordable to boost yourself or someone else online. For instance, you can create and watch videos on YouTube for as little as 20 Bob with the YouTube bundle offers.

Regardless of the tough times, Kenyans remain hopeful and are looking forward to a brighter future. It’s a new year and a chance to make it the best year of our lives. The best thing we can do in such situations is riding it out and remaining optimistic. In the words of Anne Frank, “where there’s hope, there’s life. It fills us with fresh courage and makes us strong again.”

So, next time you’re at the supermarket, bookstore, hospital or mama mboga, take a minute and look around. Ask the person next to you how they’re doing and pay for someone’s bill if you can. There’s always an opportunity to put a smile on someone’s face in any way you can. This is the year to carry hope, brotherhood and companionship, as Safaricom rightly puts it, Tuendelee Kuinuana.