Samsung Electronics has increased its market share by 19.8% according to market research firm Omdia, this is the 16th consecutive year that they have topped the global TV market.

The research firm conducted a study of the global market in the appliances category where Samsung was recognized as the best TV brand. The award comes after Samsung sold 9.43 million QLED TV’s last year alone and further data indicates that 42.1% were high-end TVs which accounted for 44.9% of supersize TVs with screens 80 inches or bigger.

This year, at CES 2022, Samsung launched its new lineup of home appliances with the NEO QLED TV’s taking lead. Samsung also launched various lifestyle TVs like The Frame, to adapt to the new changes in consumer needs and tastes. They have also taken innovation to a higher level in the projector space with The Premiere and The Freestyle. Locally these electronics were introduced in July with the uptake of the TV’s being on an upward trajectory.

The TV brand offers a combination of versatile, intelligent features and smart designs, which is based of Samsung’s vision for a new kind of home in which appliances are beautifully designed, flexible to fit every lifestyle, and seamlessly connected for maximum convenience. Samsung’s NEO QLED TV’s are highly sought after among consumers as they not only offer a breathtakingly immersive viewing experience, but also elevate the style of their living spaces several notches higher.

Samsung achieved the ‘Number One TV Brand in the World’ certification through an unwavering focus on performance and efficiency and on designing products through rigorous engineering and research which has led to growth across the Visual Display Business which reflects a commitment to the most premium at-home viewing experiences.

Samsung Electronics East Africa Head of Consumer Electronics Division, Mr. Sam Odhiambo, had this to say, “Due to consumers’ content consumption preferences rapidly evolving, the increase in demand for TV’s is currently being driven by internet penetration. As more people connect their homes to the internet we are seeing more people acquire smart TV’s with 4K and 8K video quality because they now have access to content streaming services. Samsung continuously puts greater focus on advanced in-home entertainment solutions that offer unparalleled picture and audio quality while also lending great aesthetic value to their homes. Looking back over the last 16 years, Samsung’s innovation-led growth agenda has incorporated groundbreaking new technologies, while spanning multiple categories, reaching a wide range of consumers. In 2022, Samsung expects to maintain its industry-leading market position with the introduction and expansion of core products and by incorporating proprietary technology and features across all TV lineups.”