The Kenya Revenue Authority has indicated that it has it has pushed the deadline for the acquisition of the new ETR machines from 30th September to 30th November.

KRA had this to say in a statement,” Having noted that a number of taxpayers are still in the process of acquiring and integrating the ETR devices with their invoicing systems. We advice that an administrative decision has been taken to provide additional time until 30th November 2022, to allow taxpayers to complete the process.

KRA requires businesses to buy and deploy the new Internet-enabled ETRs that track invoicing at every turn of a transaction to assess the tax dues.

KRA has approved 16 suppliers to sell the upgraded ETRs with the suppliers indicating that they are recording booming business amid the scramble to comply by Kenyan firms. The new ETR will upgrade the current manual tax registers that store sales data for scrutiny by the KRA after 30 days.