The Kenya Revenue Authority has announced that they have come to an agreement on a payment plan with Keroche Breweries in a tax dispute.

According to the taxman, the agreement was signed on 14th March, with Keroche agreeing to settle the disputed amount of Ksh. 957 Million over a period of 24 months starting from January 2022.

KRA had indicated that the troubled Naivasha-based Keroche Breweries owed it Ksh. 22.79 Billion in unpaid taxes. This was  in a response to Karanja’s statement on Twitter that they were being sabotaged by the agency.

According to KRA, the taxpayer (Keroche) has been collecting taxes from consumers but not remitting the same to KRA, it disclosed that Naivasha-based Keroche Breweries owes it Ksh. 22.79 Billion in unpaid taxes.

The agreement now paves the way for the reopening of the  brewer which had decried that it would risk laying off 250 employees and losing 2 million liters of beer in the tanks under fermentation worth Ksh. 512 million should it remain shut.