A 23 year old Ann Catherine Njuhi, a Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts student is the winner of the KBL Still Got Skillz? logo design competition. Ms. Njuhi took home Ksh. 1 million and a three month internship at Scanad where she will get to work with some of Kenya’s most experienced designers.

The winning design she submitted features an icon in the shape of a barley leaf bearing nine grains and the letters KBL in orange in lowercase and 1922, the year Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) was established. In her final submission Ms Njuhi said, “The logo is designed to represent Kenya Breweries Limited as a company. It represents the culture of its consumers.” She added that she chose a rounded font family to give the logo a warm feel and the colour orange because it commands attention and is considered more pleasant and striking, which can relate to KBL’s customers.

The second-placed logo design was submitted by 25 year old Bragin Maina followed by 24 year old Austin Kamande. They will each take home Ksh. 500,000 and Ksh. 250,000 respectively. Ms. Njuhi will now get to refine her design into a logo under the tutelage of creative and art design experts in the craft at Scanad, the advertising agency that has overseen the development of some of Kenya’s well-known brands over more than two decades. The top 20 contestants in the competition that started on November 26, 2021 went through a virtual hackathon on December 23 where they received guidance and feedback from a team of experienced designers.

East African Breweries Group Corporate Relations Director Eric Kiniti described the competition as a success and a good pacesetter for the company as it looks to celebrate 100 years of existence this year. “The competition and the subsequent logo unveil are part of the kick-off activities to the EABL’s centenary birthday this year and we look forward to celebrating with Kenyans, who have been at the core of our success since the company was established in 1922,” added Mr. Kiniti.