BrighterMonday, an online jobs platform, has marked 15 years in Kenya, helping over 40,000 businesses hire the right way and millions of job seekers in the country secure employment. In the last 15 years, BrighterMonday has leveraged data and artificial intelligence to help thousands secure job opportunities through the platform.

According to BrighterMonday CEO Mr. Emmanuel Mutuma, the Kenyan market has accommodated the automation of the hiring and job search process. This has ensured that BrighterMonday is able to empower large corporations and SMEs to hire more efficiently.

“Since 2006, BrighterMonday has built digital solutions that have accelerated the recruitment space in Kenya, resulting in a more seamless hiring process and improving the quality of candidates businesses recruit. With the support of stakeholders, we have helped over 40,000 employers access the right candidates, in an efficient and reliable way. Moreover, we have over 1.2 million professionals in our database with over 5,000 people getting jobs through the platform on an annual basis,” Emmanuel said.

In a bid to leverage on the digital labour market in Kenya, BrighterMonday conducts research on the employment sector. This enables businesses to make informed hiring decisions and help jobseekers identify trending skills to better position themselves for employment.

“We collaborate with partners through our business intelligence team to conduct relevant research in the market and inform the public on specifics that can inform business decisions and professional development,” Emmanuel added.

Ms. Ellina Kabiru, Head of Human Resources at Betika, a company that has benefitted from a partnership with the job firm’s executive search team commented, “As a recruiter, BrighterMonday has been able to find us the right talent for positions within short timelines as they are able to source, identify and match the right talent to fit our needs. This has greatly impacted our recruitment success and we congratulate them on 15 years in Kenya.” Ellina said.

As part of the Ringier One Africa Media Group (ROAM), BrighterMonday envisions a more digital focused job market driven by the increased need for agility in HR and business.